Social Firms UK, 1


The Social Firm sector is blooming and growing.

As a member, you will benefit from the experience and expertise of other members, and become part of  the strategic body that represents the Employment and Employability social enterprise sector.

As a member, you are connected, have access to resources and support in developing your business, and you make your voice heard in policy discussion and lobbying. And we promote your business!

We offer discounts to resources from the moment you join, and we always try to negotiate extra member discounts for you with other bodies.

For example, as Social Firms UK member, you can claim 10% off membership of Social Enterprise UK. 

Social Firms UK liaises and cooperates with all national and regional social enterprise support bodies to ensure Social Firms are on the social enterprise agenda.


Become part of the movement by joining as any of these types of member:

Full or Associate:

  • Full - for Social Firms and emerging Social Firms in the UK
  • Associate - for aspiring Social Firms or any other interested parties from the UK and abroad

Corporate or Network:

  • for private sector organisations.
  • for specialist networks