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NOMS Group Membership with Social Firms UK

Through the NOMS ESF co-financing programme NOMS have taken out group membership of Social Firms UK in order to promote best practice case studies and develop business opportunities which ultimately improve the employment prospects of offenders.

If you would like to join as a member under this scheme click here to download a 2012 membership form.

Overview of NOMS ESF Social Enterprise Challenge Projects

Creation of Enterprise based Consortia

NOMS Co-financing Organisation (CFO) are currently engaged in a £1.5m investment opportunity within the social enterprise arena. Developed by NOMS CFO Social Enterprise team it is aimed at supporting the creation of enterprise based consortiums. The objective is to support small and medium sized social enterprises and organisations from a variety of sectors to link together and develop into established consortia which will be in a position to participate in the procurement of current and future governmental and non-governmental funding opportunities. The fund has already provided technical and specialist support to help develop governance, legal and policy structures within the consortia, together with initial investment monies to develop their business models. The investment funding will be competed through a series of national regional and local lots.

The lots are soon to be award to the winners and NOMS CFO is now in the process of supporting the organisations to success.

Regional Engagement

NOMS CFO is actively looking for partners to support the regional development of a, criminal justice system focused, social enterprise arena. If you are a large or small organisation which has expertise in supporting social enterprises and social entrepreneurs to invest in the criminal justice arena please feel free to contact NOMS CFO on 01925423 400 or

Action Research

NOMS CFO are continuing to actively explore avenues for the social enterprise sector to work with prisons and probation trusts to develop creative new approaches to service delivery and the reduction of reoffending by providing innovative avenues for education, employment, training and the tools for employability. If you are a social enterprise or an emerging social enterprise in this field please contact AbdurRahmaan Anderson the NOMS CFO Social Enterprise Manager on 01925 423 400 or

Sustainable Development

Renewable energy, recycling and other related sectors potentially offer significant opportunities for offender employment. NOMS CFO are exploring the social enterprise links in this field with training and work experience opportunities. We are particularly interested in making contact with organisations with a social enterprise, cooperative or mutualisation structure who are interested in working with prison establishments and probation trusts.

There have recently been some very positive results in this field with European Social Fund Sustainable Development awards being awarded to several NOMS CFO projects. For further information please contact NOMS CFO Sustainable Development Champion Paul Cooper on 07834 515648 or

Evidence based Policy Making

Through the ongoing expansion of the social enterprise sector and their engagement with NOMS CFO there are many learning opportunities for SE organisations to further their social obligations while engaging with some of the most hard to help groups in society, the offender cohort. NOMS CFO has previously commissioned research by Social Firms UK and other organisations on the viability of the social enterprise community to deliver the required results, and how these results can be disseminated in the social enterprise arena. NOMS CFO welcomes any further research undertaken in this field.

Please contact the NOMS CFO Social Enterprise Programme team on 01925 423 400 or



Please complete this form if you have an idea for a social enterprise.

NOMS Social Enterprise Team:


Tel: 01925 423 400

AbdurRahmaan Anderson - Social Enterprise Manager NOMS- or call 03000476683

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