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Social Firms UK is replaced by Social Firms England

From 1st April 2015 Social Firms UK was replaced by Social Firms England for members in England.


Membership information, resources and news are available on


Social Firms in Scotland are referred to Social Firms Scotland.

Social Firms in Wales are referred to Social Firms Wales.

Social Firms in Northern Ireland are referred to Social Enterprise NI.


547 job applications, unemployed and depressed…now I have turned my life around.

Robin tells his story for World Mental Health Day

Robin Boness, a 60 year old Security Officer from Torquay, is a successful, motivated and respected employee working for Frontline Total Security Ltd.

However, rewind one year and it was a completely different story. Isolated and in the very depths of despair, Robin was fighting a battle with severe depression due to long-term unemployment.

Friday 10th October is World Mental Health day. One in four people in the UK every year will experience a mental health issue which can include conditions such as depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Robin is telling his story to raise awareness of the vital role work had to play in his recovery to mental wellbeing.

Social Firms UK member Catering2Order finalist in Stelios Award

johncharles close up.JPGJohn Charles was named finalist in the Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneurs in the UK on 3rd December. John runs Catering2order, a contract catering firm which now employs 20 people.

He says: ‘As a disabled entrepreneur I have had to face a number of hurdles. I was once told that because of my disability my future job prospects would be best suited to factory assembly work. But I refused to accept this narrow view and I knew I could do more. I decided to start my own company and employ myself. This was my greatest challenge: although every high street bank I approached for start-up capital gave me extremely positive feedback on my business plan, they always classed me as "too risky" and turned down my applications. I found that these comments only served to motivate me even more.

Declaration on EU Development of Policies for Social Enterprises

During the 25th CEFEC Conference in Suceava, a Social Firm Europe CEFEC initiative was presented which consists of a Declaration to support the development of policies for social enterprises and cooperatives in Europe. The members of Social Firms Europe CEFEC Executive Committee want to be a voice at regional, national and international level for all CEFEC members and users, by sending the above mentioned Declaration to the European Commission and the European Parliament.

In order to succeed we need your help:

1. to sign the online petition by using the link below now

Grants of up to £2275 for Employers

 This WP Grant is currently available to employers. More details in the attached flyer and below.

• Available to all employer’s who employ a work programme customer aged between 18-24

• They must work a minimum of 16 hours a week paid employment

• An incentive payment of up to £2,275 per young person is available to the employer once the employee has completed 26 weeks in continuous employment (qualifying period). Small businesses with 50 or fewer employees may claim a part payment after 8 weeks, with the balance at 26 weeks.


Innovative Competition for Reused and Recycled Product Design

A call for an ideas competition for products made from recycled materials. It is a joint Austrian-Hungarian project, but they welcome ideas from all over Europe. The deadline is 31st January 2013. 


Opportunity for Free Business Consultancy Advice: Inspiring Futures with Plymouth University

Social Enterprise University Enterprise Network (SE-UEN) is partnering with Plymouth Business School’s ‘Inspiring Futures’ project this year.

This initiative is designed to enhance the employability skills of first Year School of Management students through experience of real life consultancy projects. It was extremely well received last year by both the students and companies involved and we are currently extending the offer through the SE-UEN to ensure that students have the opportunity to gain their experience in a social enterprise setting.

Please find below the Inspiring Futures paperwork; this includes initiative description, student-employer learning agreement, and project brief form for companies to complete.


Social Firms UK earns Badge of Honour

 Social Firms UK has been given an ‘Outstanding Impact Award’ for efforts in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010.

On Social Enterprise Day on the 18th of November Social Firms UK raffled hampers sourced entirely from Social Firms to staff at Communities and Local Government, Ministry of Justice and Wates Construction head offices.

Only 131 out of over 700 organisers qualified for this badge of honour – which is awarded to those whose events were both inspirational and high impact.

See all listed with the others winners here

Emerging Social Firm, Graphic Design & Print, given innovation award

Graphic Design & Print Getting Award.Full member of Social Firms UK. Emerging Social Firm, Graphic Design & Print has been given an 'Innovation Award' "for its remarkable commitment to invest 100% of its p rofits towards training and employing people with learning disabilities."  The award was given by 'buy local', a social enterprise which supports locally owned businesses in Norfolk.  Graphic Design & Print supplies bespoke graphic design, graphic reproduction, website creation, printing and project management services and is based in Norfolk.