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These criteria outlined in the Values-Based Checklist are intended to: - bring recognition to Social Firms that meet all of the essential values, enabling them to effectively communicate their status within the sector; - assist those groups working towards being Social Firms to understand clearly which elements are important; - assist funders, stakeholders, trustees, carers and those seeking to work within Social Firms, to understand the model more clearly, enabling them to have realistic expectations and support as appropriate; - safeguard the reputation and credibility of the Sector and understanding that Social Firms are good quality businesses and supportive workplaces. This may lead to organisations that neither meet, nor intend to meet, these criteria, to use more appropriate terminology; - assist support agencies e.g. Business Links, enterprise support agencies, co-operative development agencies and independent business advisors or consultants to understand the characteristics and support requirements of Social Firms; - form the basis of exploring the option of a Social Firm Accreditation Scheme. The Values-Based Checklist is available here as a free downloadable PDF in a mind map version. It is also available in a list version. Free hard copies (plus £5 p&p and administration charge as appropriate) can be ordered by phoning 01737 231360.

The Values-Based Checklist is also available in an east-read format, produced by Jargon Busters.

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