Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

The warm weather is already here. Start this spring season fresh by cleaning around the house. A clean house appears more welcoming after you have had a long day at work. Here are 5 spring cleaning tips to ensure a house that is spick and span:

Ensure a house

1.     De-Clutter

Before you start cleaning, you have to de-clutter and organize your home. There is no point of scrubbing floors and cleaning all the cabinets when the closets are full of junk and your cabinets do not have room for extra things. The easiest way to start is by bringing home a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Separate your items into four categories, i.e. the stuff you will keep, donate, sell or toss. Old clothes and accessories can be donated to charity. If you have a stack of fashion magazines, go through all of them and discard anything that is more than 3 months old. Fashion trends are constantly evolving so why hold on to all those magazines? Keep them in a separate pile for recycling.

2.     Get Help

Let’s face it: you cannot do everything by yourself. There is no shame in asking for help. Call your sister or pay a kid from the neighborhood to lend you a helping hand, especially if you need to move around big pieces of furniture, climb ladders and dust light fixtures that are hard to reach. If you have kids, encourage them to start with their rooms. You can treat them to dinner or a trip to the park later on.

3.     Inspect Cabinets

If you are guilty of buying more packaged goods than you need on your trips to the grocery store, there are probably a range of expired products lurking around in your kitchen cabinet. Take spring cleaning as an opportunity to inspect the pantry for old and expired items. Do not forget condiments like salt, vinegar and pickles. Though these items have a longer shelf life, they will not taste great after expiry.

Inspect Cabinets

When in doubt, toss it out. A few bucks are not worth sabotaging your family’s health. The bathroom cabinets might also be stocked with expired pills and drugs. While cosmetics do not have an expiration date, they can accumulate bacteria over time that can damage your skin.

4.     Be Careful

While scrubbing windows or replacing light fixtures, use the ladder with extreme caution. Be careful not to lean too far on either side. Ask someone to hold the ladder steady so you do not risk falling down. Do not forget slippery floors. Warn your family members about the wet floor to keep them safe.

5.     Sparkle Up the Patio Furniture

Who said spring cleaning was only limited to the indoors? Take all your cleaning supplies to the deck and start cleaning the patio furniture. Wipe down the chairs and tables with warm water mixed with a little detergent to tackle dust and stains. Hose off the stuff with water, using the gardening hose. The cushion covers can be washed separately in the washing machine.

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